Mars Rover

ManSEDS Rovers is a student lead robotics team that comprises of 13 undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Manchester, UK under the Manchester Students for the Exploration and Development of Space society (ManSEDS). For the very first time in history, our university will be competing at the European Rover Challenge, ERC, one of the most challenging student level engineering competition in the world, involving the design, manufacture and programming of a 50kg Martian rover that completes various competition tasks.

European Rover Challenge

European Rover Challenge is an international competition taking place in Kielce, Poland every year and brings together teams from all over the Europe and beyond. The goal is to design and build a semi-autonomous Mars Rover able to perform variety or tasks. The competition requires extensive documentation, while the trails themselves take place mid September 2019.


Martian Rovers typically manoeuvre autonomously as communication to and from Mars is often difficult and unreliable. As such, the competition places heavy emphasis on the automation of competition tasks, which accounts for about 30% of the all points available to get in the competition. In order to achieve full marks for autonomy or single task automation, teams must initiate an intent to complete the given task autonomously and to initiate the starting sequence. Further action after this point would result in loosing all points for the task. However, at any point teams may switch to manual control to complete the remainder of the task. Telemetry to monitor the rover should be monitored during autonomous/automatic operations.

Predicted Performance

As this is the very first year that ManSEDS Rovers is to participate in the European Rover Challenge, it is impossible to base the predicted performance on previous track record. Having said that, scores from previous years are available online and several of the highest scoring teams have their own web pages and photographs/videos showcasing their design.
Compared to all the information gathered this way, it is most likely that, given appropriate budget, ManSEDS Mars Rover Team will score between 5th and 10th place. This is a conservative estimate and it does take into account time, money, resource and skill constraints of the team. It is predicted that the performance of the team will improve in the following years and proper passover procedures have already been put into place to ensure smooth transition between this year’s team members and next year’s team members.

Our Team

Matthew Liu

Project Leader

    Zuzanna Nagadowska

    Project Manager

      Majed Saiepour

      Mechanical Subsystem Lead

        Zachary Madin

        Electrical Subsystem Lead


          Toby James

          Software Subsystem Co-Lead


            Enrico Zammit Lonardelli

            Software Subsystem Co-Lead


              Alastair Straker

              Software Subsystem Member


                Sohail Rathore

                Mechanical Subsystem Member


                  Julien Stone

                  Mechanical Subsystem Member


                    Paria Moghiseh

                    Mechanical Subsystem Member


                      Zainub Najmundin

                      Mechanical Subsystem Member


                        Aanas Ibtihaz Sayed

                        Electrical Subsystem Member


                          Jakub Gromadzki

                          Electrical Subsystem Member