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We are a team of students from all across the STEM spectrum, including Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, and Computer Science. We’re open both to undergrad and postgrad students and feel free to get in touch even though you do not have any hands-on experience. Part of our mission is to help you gain that. And if you want a challenge, then buckle up! You’re in the right place.

US CanSat Competition Team

We’re designing and building our own sub-orbital satellites to compete in the US CanSat Competition, a competition sponsored and organized by the US Naval Research Lab and the American Astronautical Society every year in Texas, USA. This is a notoriously difficult competition and, traditionally, most of the CanSats fail before or during launch operations. We are the proud winners of the 2018 edition and our goal is to continue to deliver outstanding results to represent the University of Manchester and the United Kingdom in front of teams around the world.

In 2018, the objective of the competition emulated a space probe with a detachable heat shield to enter a planetary atmosphere, while collecting and transmitting atmospheric data back to base. There are a multitude of roles available in this team, both on the mechanical/aerospace side and the electrical/software side. If you want more information about the application process, visit our Facebook page, and write us a message.


We run our own workshops typically targeted at undergraduate students, wherein we cover a multitude of space-related topics. We give STEM students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at designing their own sub-orbital satellite. These cansats are relatively simpler than their US Competition counterparts, but they are a great way to showcase the engineering and scientific principles! Our workshops generally go through the following topics: CAD design and FDM 3D Printing, Descent Control Design, Object Oriented Programming, Machine Learning, Soldering and Electronic Circuit Design and Build.

These workshops are open to everyone in the STEM spectrum and absolutely everyone out there that want to learn more about space engineering and technology. You will work in teams of up to 8 students (most of which might not be studying the same course as you) and by the end of the workshops, you will have a fully working CanSat system, which will be launched at the UK CanSat Competition!

Generally, workshops run every Wednesday afternoon in the George Begg Building in North Campus, but to find more information, please visit our Facebook page, where we will keep you posted, or you can ask us any questions.

The UK CanSat Competition

At the beginning of the 2018 academic year, more than 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students from a variety of STEM fields have signed up to participate in our upcoming workshops. This number proves that there is a lot of interest among our peers for this sort of activity.

Find the UK CanSat Competition Mission Guide and Design Review Document below.

Mission Guide UK CanSat Competition

DRD UK CanSat Competition 21AUG2018

The UK CanSat Competition aims to provide an incentive for UK-based students to get involved in a space-related project, as an alternative to the US CanSat Competition. So far, we’ve had two successful runs at this, and in 2018, we’ve organized the first inter-university CanSat competition in the UK, jointly with the University of Bristol.

There are many more Universities out there that have expressed their interest in this competition, and we welcome them to apply to join the competition! If you want to know more about how you could join the competition, then write us an email with your University name and we’ll start the application process in no time.

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